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Changing Trends in the use of Dahlia Flowers in Duluth MN

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Dahlia Flower in Duluth MNWith an explosion of beauty and natural architecture, the Dahlia flower is full of multicolored petals that add dazzling beauty to gardens around the world. Its lush flowering and flexible stems offer a colorful display with every breeze, especially in the spring and summer. Although Dahlias come in many colors, some of the most striking colors are pink, purple, orange, and red.

The dahlias are named in honor of the Swedish botanist Anders Dahl. It was not until recently that the Dahlia was introduced in the Northland climate.  Duluth Flower Farm began recently offering them at Duluth farmer's market. Dahlia flowers quickly caught the attention of growers and consumers, but growing it up here in North has been a big challenge for growers and Dahlia lovers. The Dahlia experts like Balsam Wreath/ Duluth Flower Farm have mastered the art of growing Dahlias and grow beautiful Dahlias in the Duluth Area and Northern Climate.

The marvelous variety of Dahlia flowers soon became a trendsetter and replaced several other previously popular flower varieties. The Dahlia’s unmatched beauty, the composition of its petals and difficulty in growing it is what makes it even more valuable and unique. The most popular ones, including the "Café Au Lait Dahlias," even attracted royalty! It is known that the queen of France was a great admirer of Dahlia's beauty, which is why she filled her palace with a variety of these flowers.

There is now a growing trend in using a variety of Dahlia's for several occasions and purposes, including home/interior decoration, as beautiful wedding flowers, for creative floral designs, centerpieces and even just in the garden. As it delivers a message of love and compassion, the Dahlia is now increasingly being used in funerals as a sincere token of love. 

Here are some of the best uses of Dahlia flowers that are trending today:


Using Dahlias for Interior Decoration

They bring a touch of freshness and life to any place. Dahlias have an element of style and expression. It adapts well to all ambiances and suits well to the feeling and sensation of being at home.


Dahlias in the house

Dahlias can be used in any room you prefer. It is common to see them used together with a variety of fruit platters in the kitchen. Some varieties can also make your bathroom a more beautiful place. The Dahlia has a history of being kept in places where people spend a lot of time. Since they have been related to comfort and luxury.


Dahlias for Weddings

Drop peonies, there is a better wedding flower! This year, Dahlia aka "The Lady of Spring" tops the wish list of many future brides. This fabulously stunning flower comes in a wide range of colors and is in season from May to November, which makes it one of the most versatile wedding flowers. Although very delicate, their fragility is precisely what gives them an added value for such an occasion. 

Dahlia is the “Flower Queen” for floral arrangements

The Dahlia has more than fifty thousand different types and offers a multitude of colors, shapes, and sizes to decorate and adorn an event. Dahlia's naturally ephemeral beauty makes it perfect for floral arrangements.

Dahlia for Bouquets

In a majestic and remarkable way, the Dahlia turns out to be the best surprise on a circular bouquet. Whether you put it on the table as a centerpiece or make a bridal bouquet out of it, Dahlias crown the bride's hands in her bouquet and make her look just like a princess. Dahlia also works perfectly for DIY flower buckets.

Dahlia on Funerals

It symbolizes wealth, strength, and conveys the message of "forever yours." It is perfect for farewells and to celebrate love. Balsam Wreath/Duluth Flower Farm offers funeral flower delivery all across Duluth. 

The Dahlia flowers are beautiful, graceful, and magnificent in their own way. Today’s Dahlia flower is loved all around the world, and they've become one of the world's most popular ornamental flowers. The Dahlia is quite suitable for potting. The potted flowering period is very long, and it can bloom consistently from autumn to spring. Dahlia flowers can be kept for one month. As the potted plants continue to flourish, they need sufficient sunlight during the period. A balcony or front porch could be a good place to keep it.


Dahlia flower comes in several different colors, sizes, and shapes, which makes it a perfect fit on every occasion. Here are some of the best ones that you'll instantly fall in love with.

Café Au Lait Dahlias

The Café Au Lait Dahlia flower stands out for being the best known. It's a giant-sized Dahlia flower, and each flower can measure up to 25 cm in diameter. The variety Cafe Au Lait has remarkably original tones that are quite unusual in the floral world. The color scheme ranges from cream to pale pink.

Class: It belongs to Decorative class.

Color: It has creamy white colors with purple touch

Height: The height is about 120 cm.

Flower size: Average size is greater than 25 cm.

Dahlia “Arabian Night”:

A very bright, attractive and eye-catching flower "Dahlia Arabian Night" is a complete decorative delight as they are among the most beautiful ones. It splashes black red shade along the gradient of its petals that treats your eyes like nothing else.

Class: It is considered as a decorative dahlia.

Color: Shocking black and red shades.

Height: As high as 100 cm.

Flower size: Ranges between 10 cm - 15 cm.

Dahlia “Rip City”:

This species of Spider Dahlias called 'Rip City’ has beautiful black and red shades on its petal. It is a semi-cactus Dahlia commonly used in the gardens to add on to its beauty and ambiance. It looks pretty in garden ponds; even a single flower floating in shallow waters makes it an exceptionally wonderful sight.

Class: It belongs to Semi-cactus dahlias.

Color: It has black and red shades.

Height: As high as 110 cm.

Flower size: Ranges between 10 cm - 15 cm.

Dahlia 'Small World':

Words don't do justice to Dahlia Small World's magnificent beauty. It's a glowing while flower with gorgeous spherical shaped petals blush with light purple spots on the top. It's commonly used in outdoor occasions as a Pompom Dahlia flower, such as Birthday parties or engagement receptions.

Class: It belongs to pompom dahlias class.

Color: Stunning white sphere with purple dots on top.

Height: It’s about 100 cm high.

Flower size: As much as 6 cm

Dahlia 'White perfection’:

No wonder this stunning flower is admired for its pristine beauty. Similar to the Small World, White Perfection has stunning white petals that literally stand out in a spherical design. It is one of the highly demanded kind as it is commonly used as a Decorative Dahlia.

Class: It is considered as a Decorative dahlia flower.

Color: White Perfection has stunning white shades.

Height: Its height is about 120 cm

Flower size: The size is between 20 cm - 25 cm

Fresh Balsam Wreaths and our Duluth flower shop is ready to offer you fresh, fascinating, healthy and pristine Dahlias with flower delivery at your doorstep in Duluth, MN. We offer you different varieties for wedding flowers, bridal bouquet, wedding corsages, funeral flowers, and creative floral designs of your choice. We have flower experts and decorators with brilliant ideas to decorate your venue. Give us a call now to place your order and ask about our services for your next big event.


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