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Why Buy Locally Grown Flowers?

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We all love to receive a bouquet of flowers as a mark of affection, sympathy or as a way of hearing “I Love You”. Local and seasonal flowers have several benefits that make them an ideal option for any occasion. Locally grown flowers from Duluth Flower Farm are not just environmentally sensible, they also protect your loved ones from the poisonous and toxic chemicals and pesticides which many imported flower growers use in an attempt to keep them fresh.  This is not good for the local economy or for you – let’s find out how.

Flowers from Afar

Around 70-80% of the flowers purchased in the United States are imported. These flowers that come from the other end of the world are stuffed with pesticides. The imported cut flowers sold by big box growers are often not very eco-friendly. With greater awareness about the benefits of buying local and helping the environment - Florists and horticulturists are campaigning again for local organically grown and seasonal flowers.


Resurgence in the production of cut flowers in the US.

According to horticultural science professor John Dole at North Carolina State University, the amazing growth of the cut flower industry is greatly undermined by the available data and statistics. Local flower farms and local/seasonal flower purchases have exponentially grown due to high demand, much like the local micro-brewing industry. Several breweries have had to move to a larger location just to keep up with the increasing demand of the customers. What is driving this growth and interest in buying local? John Dole from the University of North Carolina State University has some interesting insights to share.

According to Dole, the large increase is a part of the overall trend towards buying products that are locally grown and produced. In the floral industry, the variety of local and seasonal flowers is so diverse that hundreds of types are grown as cut flowers in the United States. At Duluth Flower Farm, we grow almost all our own flowers and we pride ourselves in making non-cookie cutter bouquets.

Why are Local and Seasonal Flowers Better?

For a wedding, Valentine's Day, a birthday, a funeral or a Sunday lunch with friends; the beauty of buying a bouquet never fades. This is made possible by the 15,307 retail florists that are operating in the United States. Yet, most of the cut flowers that find their way into US markets are imported. Estimates show that around 70% of flowers in the United States come from Colombia. For a perishable product to stay fresh, flowers importers and retailers have to treat them chemically. We wouldn’t want to expose our loved ones to these pesticides and chemicals - would we?

There are several reasons why local, fresh and seasonal flowers are a luxury not all of us get a chance to have.  This is because of the increasing demand for locally grown flowers. At Duluth Flower Farm, we are 7,000 miles more local(!) and offer the freshest native varieties. Help a local business and buy locally grown flowers with higher quality and less environmental impact from us for your next big event or occasion. Contact us now at 218-409-2520 or email us at

Here are some of our top flower varieties that are in high demand:

·         Dahlias

·         Peony/peonies

·         Lisianthus

·         Snapdragons

·         Amaranth

·         Celosia

·         Sunflowers

·         Gladiolus

·         Marigolds

·         Various perennial varieties


Imported Flowers are not all that…

Imported flowers are not really green if we do a quick life cycle assessment for them. The carbon footprint of transporting these flowers and the chemical substances (pesticides, fertilizers, etc.) used to preserve them have alarming consequences.  This is because foreign countries have less stringent regulations than the United States.  For this reason alone, these flowers are not as precious as the occasions we buy them for.

In fact, these flowers are refrigerated with a chemical similar to Botox to transport them by cargo ship. The downside of using these imports is an increase in greenhouse gas emissions and the resulting disappearance of two thirds of horticultural producers in the last forty years.

At Duluth Flower Farm, buyers looking for a beautiful bouquet of fresh and seasonal flowers can order directly from the local florist.  Flowers from Duluth Flower Farm are grown right in the Northland and represent the natural beauty of our local environment.

As local flower growers, we really want to safeguard this sector and persevere the beauty and freshness of this beautiful gesture of love, affection or sympathy. We’re still in for an uphill battle against the tele floral, FTD, and 800 other flower companies that source local florists with the mandated imported flower formulas. While these large contracts help local florists survive, what smaller florists really need is a resurgence for the demand and appreciation for locally grown flowers.


To know the seasonality of cut flowers, we recommend to ask your florist who will inform you about the seasonality of the flowers you need. And what’s better than keeping it close to nature? Different flowers bloom the best in different seasons, such as Snapdragons (summer), peonies (late spring) or Lisianthus (in the fall).


People say that there is nothing in winter, but it's not true. It's very possible to make seasonal bouquets and Dahlia bunches in winter. The idea is to differently distribute the seasonal varieties that are much less processed than imported flowers. It’s an approach that inspires more and more flower professionals and enthusiasts in the United States. At Duluth Flower Farm, we strive to over deliver with unique and in season flowers with an ever-evolving recipe that changes with the seasons.

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