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The Best Local Balsam Wreaths for Christmas

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Christmas is one of the most special times of the year. It brings in all the festivities and traditions that fill the streets and homes with color and happiness. With Christmas joy come the Christmas wreaths and Christmas trees that decorate our homes. We buy them for ourselves or send them to our loved ones to wish them a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year during the holiday season. With the excitement and spirit of Christmas in us, why not make the most out of it by also decorating your home or workplace with one of the Duluth Flower Farm’s premium quality Balsam Wreaths?

At Duluth Flower Farm/Balsam Wreath, we think that flowers and plants are one of the best gifts we can give to those we love, whether they are family or friends. We have the finest collection of online mail order wreaths for you to choose the perfect gift for family, clients, alumni, donors or loved ones. Our wreaths receive the attention to detail with which it is difficult to get right by mass production.  We are a family business which puts our best into each item because we know it goes to a family that deserves the best. Duluth Flower Farm’s Balsam Wreaths go beyond the mere material gift; we are really giving away a little piece of life and nature that will fill the recipient's home with Christmas cheer.

This year, if you are thinking about giving flowers and plants to your loved ones for Christmas, we’re here to help you choose the best Christmas gift ever.

The Magical Balsam Fir: The Scent of Christmas

As the best-selling Christmas tree in Minnesota, the Balsam Fir has it all. It retains its needles, resists heat and exudes a sweet woody pine fragrance. With a dark green color, its branches are naturally decorated with soft needles. This is the magical bough we use on our wreaths that radiates the classic Christmas smell that brings back instant memories of Christmas in the past of everyone who encounters it.

The Balsam fir has a striking appearance and can certainly be the best choice for your Christmas Tree or Christmas Wreath this holiday season. With our experienced hands, we craft our balsam wreaths to perfection and hand pick only the finest balsam firs for the perfect Christmas tree.

This beautiful variety is known for its medium sized structure and an eye-catching color. This pretty little tree is highly sought after for use as a Christmas tree and also Christmas pine and as an ornamental tree. This variety is one of the great jewels of the American floriculture. Get the freshest Balsam fir from a local source in the northland - Duluth Flower Farm!


The Leading Balsam Wreath Supplier in Northern Minnesota

Duluth Flower Farm/Balsam Wreath is a Minnesota-based flower and tree farm offering the finest Balsam Fir and Balsam Wreaths for the Christmas season. The native balsam is only grown north of Hinckley and we are home to the native balsam fir, as well as white pine and cedar. We use the finest selection from these naturally beautiful trees in our wreaths.

Uncompromised Quality in Local Christmas Trees & Balsam Wreaths

We can guarantee quality and consistency because we grow the best balsam firs for your holiday traditions throughout the year. Our flower specialists are equipped with vast experience and highly technical training to choose just the right match for you.  We also have bulk order wreaths for companies looking to show their appreciation to clients or other commercial contacts.

Balsam Wreaths with Special Discounts

Duluth Flower Farm serves orders for Christmas trees in quantities by offering bulk discounts on corporate orders or any large quantity orders. Our experience in the sale of Christmas wreaths, specialty in delivering with care, competitive prices, and exceptionally craftsmanship make us a preferred supplier of Balsam Fir and wreaths throughout the region.

Why Buy from Us?

With a legacy of expertise, has been around for 20 years and has built a strong customer base of satisfied customers. Our florist quality balsam wreaths are much different from the other mass-produced wreaths.

We have everything squared away to serve you this season with the best. Unlike the corporate giants, our wreaths are not bulk produced. As a local farm family, we make sure that each one of our wreaths is crafted with care, attention to detail, and the essence of Christmas.

It is vitally important for us to ensure naturally sustainable agriculture. Environmental protection is also a priority for Duluth Flower Farm. That is why we use balanced methods for insect and pest control with an extremely limited use of chemicals. This guarantees a healthy habitat for the birds and the many animals of the Northern Minnesota region. We believe that Christmas spirit is for everyone and everything, including nature.

Come handpick the best local Christmas Tree for you…

  • We have 2 locations where you can pick up our fresh cut Christmas trees.
  • Christmas wreaths are handmade and are available to send to your loved ones through our website.
  • Bulk orders for companies wanting to send a wonderful Christmas gift to clients inquire here

How to Care for your Christmas Tree?

  • Once at home, leave your balsam fir Christmas tree a few days on the balcony or in the garage to avoid abrupt temperature changes.
  • Freshly cut an inch or two off the bottom of the trunk a few centimeters so that it absorbs the water better.
  • If possible, keep it away from sources of heat, such as a fireplace or electric baseboard.
  • Remove the protective net and wait a few hours until the branches get back to normal.
  • The base of the tree must always contain water so that the tree does not dry out.
  • Spray water regularly on the branches and foliage so it can retain moisture. Watch out for your decorations!

Christmas Balsam Wreaths: A Classic Decoration

The Christmas tree and Balsam Wreath are two of the best known symbols of Christmas decoration. We find them in most of the homes in America as the Christmas season starts, except for the Grinch’s house of course!   Oftentimes Balsam Wreaths are left on the front door or on the side of the house to announce to your local community that it’s Christmas time!  A brilliant Christmas tree shining with lights and decorated by the kids showing through the windows on a dark winter night is one of the most endearing of Christmas memories.  It hints at the excitement of children and the happiness found in adults during this special time of year.

At the foot of the tree it is common to place your gifts that will be given on Christmas Day. For companies, you can buy a small-sized balsam fir or balsam wreath to be placed anywhere to add the essence of Christmas to the workplace.  Some companies go the extra mile and get a balsam wreath for the front door or wrap their pictures on the wall in wrapping paper to make them look like Christmas presents.

Duluth Flower Farm as your Smart Environmental Choice

Forestry engineers encourage people to buy natural Christmas trees instead of artificial ones. Natural trees don’t emit CO2, but instead capture it. Also, they don’t cause any pollution during its manufacture and disposal, which is not the case for artificial ones.

At Duluth Flower Farm, our expertise coupled with 20 years of experience keep the trees healthy, fresh, undamaged and as alive as Christmas joy throughout the entire process from harvesting to delivery.

So, what are you waiting for? Call us now to order the best wreaths and make your holiday celebrations more picturesque.

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