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Get Fresh Balsam Wreaths and Christmas Trees for your Home and Office

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A wreath is a symbol of eternal hope – Duluth Flower Farm at Balsam Wreath creates the perfect harmony between beauty, scent, colors and prices.

There are a thousand ways to warmly decorate your home and office on special events and occasions. You can use beautiful floral compositions, wreaths, themed bouquets and centerpieces to light up each room.   You can hang tinsel, wrap pictures on the walls with wrapping paper and get out the stockings for the hearth.

Christmas is almost here and this year it’s your day to shine – you have prepared your table, brought out the china, and lit a few candles. You are almost ready to welcome your guests in for a wonderful Christmas celebration with family, but something is missing…. it’s the smell of Christmas that you’ve forgotten about!   If you want to really bring in the scent and spirit of Christmas, consider a fresh balsam wreath from Balsam Wreath/Duluth Flower Farm to bring a sense of welcome to your table, the hearth or the front door where you greet your guests.

With Balsam Wreath, use your imagination and create an amazing and warm atmosphere in your home or office.

Holiday Bouquet from BalsamwreathWhether you want a red bow with pine cones and Christmas balls, or a pristine wreath set off by a silvery bow, anything is possible. Don’t forget to add a beautiful floral centerpiece arrangement to decorate your table! The family and employees of Duluth Flower Farm at Balsam Wreath have done the hard work of creating a great selection of exclusive wreaths and floral compositions – so your guests will be more than charmed.

The World of Balsam Wreath

Balsam Wreath offers fresh flowers mixed with winter elements for our centerpieces.  These centerpiece arrangements are excellent quality especially handpicked by our experts. You can even send a personal card to be included inside the box with the wreath. At Balsam Wreath, you get several choices for your home, and if you find decorating for the holidays confusing, our specialists are always there to help you out with charming suggestions for our floral arrangements, centerpieces and wreaths. We can also help with more than just your home- our professionals can help you organize your office or corporate event even better with our winter floral decorations of locally grown fresh flowers.

An ideal decoration for your Home and Office

What's more enjoyable than walking the streets in winter and feeling the Christmas spirit right in your neighborhood? With one of our classic wreaths, you can complement the exterior of your home by bringing a chic and natural touch right to your front door. Often composed of foliage and holly, and decorated with pine cones, the balsam wreath symbolizes winter and hospitality. Simply place a beautiful balsam wreath on the front of your door to help spread the Christmas spirit. Or be the envy of your relatives with a gorgeous table centerpiece of fresh winter pine and flowers.  Whether you want red, white, golden or silver, these special holiday compositions will delight your guests and place you directly in the atmosphere of the festivities!

What about the Christmas Tree?  The classic Balsam Fir and Natural Spruce

Christmas Trees from BalsamWreath.comThe Balsam Fir and its classic scent is one of the most popular Christmas trees. The spruce stands out for its dark green color and long branches. The needle creates several tens of thousands of short needles that resemble their natural form.  The balsam fir is known for its strong, pleasing aroma and is one of the most popular of Christmas trees.  Come see our selection at Dan’s Feed Bin or check out our facebook page!

The spruce is a classic Christmas tree– a spruce can perfectly compliment your Christmas decorations. This symbol of the north woods is a unique Christmas decoration that we hand cut especially for Christmas lovers. This magnificent Christmas tree creates a magical atmosphere in literally all places, be it at home, in the office, in a restaurant or in a hotel.   The lush dark green needles are a perfect backdrop for unique decorations in every color. Tinsel, Christmas balls and Christmas lights will be a great addition to this most important Christmas decoration.

Sure, you could take the easy route and get a fake tree…. But real Christmas Trees are almost twice as popular as the general-purpose artificial Christmas trees and everyone appreciates them.  Real trees are better for a multitude of reasons.


Bouquets of winter centerpieces and flowers

Balsam Wreath Centerpiece

So now you have a tree, but are you ready to get that perfect bouquet of fresh centerpieces for your home or office? There’s an exclusive and wide variety of fresh cut centerpieces and winter arrangements in our Balsam Wreath online store. You get something for every taste. Order your own bouquet, centerpiece or wreath or ask a Balsam Wreath specialist for advice. You can also ask us to make a table composition according to your wishes.



What to do with your holiday centerpieces once the holidays are over?

If you have ordered some of our small centerpieces, consider offering them to your guests once the party is over. This small gesture will always be appreciated by your guests. If you have flowers or Christmas decorations left in the house after your big event, you can keep them for several weeks by drying them upside down in a dry place. This simple trick will allow you to extend the holiday spirit and enjoy them until the next month.

How about something that fills your home with the fresh scent of the north woods?  We’re offering bulk order discounts and premium quality wreaths from Northern Minnesota – try out our Balsam Fir with the classic Christmas scent this fall. In the winter wonderland of Balsam Wreath, you will find an amazing local variety of Christmas trees and wreaths with other classic delights, including Balsam Fir, white pine, red pine, cedar and several other fresh products of the Northern MN Woods.  For our beautiful compositions of winter arrangements, we only use locally grown and organic seasonal flowers.   

It's always more fun to organize a party with the beautiful decor. Our locations provides a wide range of high-quality American grown wreaths and fresh cut Christmas trees at Dan’s Feed Bin on 821 Hammond Ave, Superior, WI or order online.



The Christmas Season is Brief: Don’t miss out!

We put together the freshest balsam fir, white pine and cedar to create gorgeous green wreaths as our most popular holiday decoration.

We’re hard at work wrapping up wreaths, garland, swags, spruce tops, boughs, birch poles, holly, princess pine, mistletoe, potted arrangements and centerpieces for our clients right now – grab ‘em all for your big event by placing your online order now at, or visit our retail store at 821 Hammond Ave, Superior, WI. Need help?  Give us a call at 218-409-2520.

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