Funeral Flower Delivery

Funeral Flowers Delivery: Love and Respect for a loved one

When words are not enough to express the heavy emotions of losing a loved one, flowers can be a source of comfort. Duluth Flower Farm at can guide you with the choice of your flowers for a personalized touch.

Why offer funeral flowers?  And can I get funeral flower delivery?

The flowers are the sign of your support towards a family. They testify the affection you had for a lost loved one. In difficult times such, flowers can express feelings and convey messages that simple words of condolences can’t.

The purpose of funeral flowers is beyond that. The basket of flowers or a funeral bouquet expresses love for a loved one, and reverence for their memory. It emphasizes the transient nature of human life, which, like flowers, blooms, blossoms and fades. To understand the meanings of the different varieties, colors and flower compositions, we have created a quick guide for you.

What color do I choose for funeral flowers?

Each color of your funeral flowers can convey a special message. Here are some of the colors with their meanings for funeral flowers:

  • Black represents a symbol of death, grief, the deepest sorrow and profound spirituality.
  • Blue is associated with heavenly perfection and freedom, characterizes faithfulness, rationalism and deep melancholy.
  • Gray symbolizes fear of oblivion, as well as the helplessness of man before the forces of nature.
  • Green symbolizes faith in eternal life after death; it gives hope and peace.
  • Lilac speaks of the immortality of the soul and declares the invulnerability of faith.
  • Orange expresses soulfulness, support and sympathy in moments of depression, grief and sorrow.
  • Purple embodies strong love, the untouchability of honor, self-esteem, tenderness and sincerity of feelings.
  • Red denotes invincible love, as well as the many troubles and difficulties that occupied the deceased during his lifetime.
  • White indicates purity, completeness, perfection and the incomprehensibility of the universe.
  • Yellow represents the superiority of the sun over darkness; it gives hope and optimism.

Funeral Flowers to revere and honor a loved one

We don’t always get the opportunity to bid farewell to someone dear to us that leaves us unexpectately. Sometimes, it is difficult to convey the depths of one's feelings towards them with words. The offering of funeral flowers makes it possible to express unspeakable emotions when the words can’t suffice. It is a personal tribute to the deceased. We leave the old rigid codes of mourning and choose a floral composition to honor the greatness of the life they have lived in this world. We tend to express our feelings with one true language of mourning: the language of flowers.

Offer sympathy and consolation to the family

The deceased's relatives go through one of the most intense and painful events of life. At that moment, they need all the comfort that the love of their friends can bring. Sometimes, it is especially the relatives who need our friendly presence. In any case, offering funeral flowers is a way of saying that we wish to soften their grief a little, to bring them some consolations in a moment when it is so difficult to do it.

Offering your presence with funeral flowers

We can’t always attend funerals. The flowers are then the most delicate messengers of our thoughts towards the deceased and his family. The care given to the choice of flowers, their colors and their composition testifies that you are present by thought and by the heart. The gesture softens both the pain of the one who can’t attend the funeral and the grief of the bereaved.

Flowers not only give beauty to funerals, they soften them and convey the message of hope. A loved one leaves us, but life goes on, full of beauty against all odds. The flowers are there to remind us that nature is infinite and beautiful. After all, what symbolizes life brighter than flowers?

Funeral Flowers for Duluth Residents: How can Balsam Wreath help?

We are with you through the toughest of times. At Duluth Flower Farm at, we will help you express your condolences in the best way: through a crown of fresh flowers usually native to Duluth that reflects the memories you have of that special person.

Because we know that you are going through a difficult time, we help you to express what they meant to you through our beautiful and heart-warming funeral wreaths and Duluth grown fresh funeral flowers.

We have a wide range of funeral wreaths of different types and prices – you can choose the one that best represents your memories with the loved one. You can choose from our range of crowns of simple flowers to funeral wreaths and bouquets of your choice.

We also have a delivery service for funeral wreaths and funeral flowers in Duluth. You can receive our flowers both at your home and at the nearest funeral home. If you are confused about which funeral flowers to choose, contact us now and we will advise you to choose the best option for your wreath.

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