Knowledge will bring you the opportunity to make a difference. -claire fagin

It is an honor to join you in the celebration of a graduate. We like to honor our preschool to college graduates in all ways we can. 

We are committed to connecting families with LOCAL foods, flowers, trees & the land by participating in educating, planting, nurturing, harvesting & exploring nature from dirt. 

One of the ways we can celebrate your graduate is by offering our locally grown flowers, trees, produce and wreaths to be given to your graduate or used for their graduation party. 

You can order one of our in-season bouquets, a beautiful balsam wreath, fresh picked produce or choose from our fall decor. 

We enjoy custom orders for upcoming graduation parties. Contact us by calling or texting us personally at 218-409-2520 or email us to request for your graduation party needs. 

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