Local Dirt Farm


Local Dirt Farm

Our mission is to grow more than just local food, flowers and trees, it’s to grow community. 


All great things come from dirt. We are committed to connecting families with LOCAL foods, flowers, trees & the land by participating in educating, planting, nurturing, harvesting & exploring nature from dirt. 


We love the farm life and all it offers our family and community. We bring our locally grown products to farmer's markets, festivals and create opportunities for our community to come together to enjoy all that is planted and harvested from the farm.

Hoffbauer Family
We would like to invite families to join us in supporting local farming in your area. Together, we can continue agricultural education about farming and provide opportunities to spread awareness toward the BUY LOCAL MOVEMENT. 
Local dirt farm advocates for  agricultural education that preserves the world, strengthens humanity and educates our youth. 
Farmer Brook Hoffbauer (Early Childhood Education teacher) and Farmer Jesse Hoffbauer (Special Education teacher) both have over 10 years experience in our public school. Farmer Doug and Farmer Lois have over 35 years experience growing locally in the Northland. We are honored that generations in our Hoffbauer family have taken time to continue to teach us what a dirt farmer can grow in our local climate. We’re committed to learning with our local dirt farm community on how to cultivate a good life that is connected to our roots and giving to our future generations. Let us be rooted families that celebrate our local foods, flowers, trees and all they have to offer. 
Check out our calendar for upcoming workshops, farmer's markets, festivals, events, seminars and kid’s activities. Examples are: Canning Classes, Duluth Farm Flowers Design, Evergreen Girls Party, Kids Workshops, Farm to Table-Field to Vase Presentations, Classroom demonstrations and more.
Hoffbauer Farmers
Contact us by email, phone or text if you would like to book a presentation, custom class or demonstration in your classroom, community center, daycare or home. 
We can do birthday parties, girl and boy scouts, youth groups, design classes, how to grow classes, do it yourself bride and how to parties and more. Our classes can be geared for children and adults. Some of our classes will have a small fee for supplies. Together for our community!

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