Thank you for taking the time to read this statement.

The balance of our boughs for wreaths and garland are harvested daily throughout the season and used/shipped within a couple of days to ensure you receive the freshest possible decoration.  The boughs are trimmed off the sides of wild balsam.  This in no way harms the tree, in fact it improves the ultimate quality of the tree, and these boughs can be re-harvested every 2-3 years.  No wild trees are cut down for this process.tree planting

Each year, Hoffbauer Tree Farm plants around 2,500 tree seedlings. Two-Three tree seedlings are planted for every tree that is harvested from the tree farm. All of the trees on the farm have been planted and hand cared for by our family.

Our beautiful peonies and farm flowers are carefully planted and harvested by our flower farmers. We grow all cool climate flowers that thrive and live well in our cooler climates here in Duluth. Our Duluth Flower Farm has minimal waste as we cut and use each flower as needed. Instead of 40% waste we have less than 1% waste. 80 % of flowers sold in the US are imported and 58 % of American farmer's have gone out of business in the past 20 years so we are joining the American Grown Flowers movement and doing something about it right here in Duluth. 

This is our passion as well as our livelihood and together we strive to do our part in the sustainability of trees and flowers. Thank you for being a part of it and allowing us to become part of your traditions.

Together- The Hoffbauers


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