Hoffbauer Family Farms


Hometown flowers, veggies and florist quality balsam wreaths. Duluth farmer's market that grows number of flowers including Dahlias. 
As a family we strive to build community by selling locally at farmer’s markets and festivals where you can meet your farmer’s. We host and sponsor many community gatherings.
We create and design locally grown Duluth farm flowers into bouquets, fall pumpkin decor and fresh cut balsam wreaths and more for your décor needs. The Duluth Flower Farm and shop.
We give by volunteering in schools, serving on committees, making food and tree donations and educating our community and beyond on the buy local movement. Especially local Christmas trees and also we offer you floral designs.
Hoffbauer Family                                                        
We are committed to teaching the next generation about the importance of locally grown.
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