Wreath and Tree Care Tips

Wreath Care Tips-

Wreaths, Swags and Garland like cut flowers are easy to care for. Since greenery is cut from live trees a few simple steps can prolong freshness. Enjoy the beauty and fragrance of your fresh evergreens from BalsamWreath.com

  • If not using immediately, store in a cool damp place. Outside display works well in most climates. Cool Temperatures preserve your greenery’s freshness.
  • When displaying indoors keep heat sources away from the greenery and mist daily. 
  • Maintaining a lower temperature will also help preserve color and aroma.
  • We have wreath hangers for door display which work inside and out. Wreath hangers are available in our online store.
  • Our carefully packaged wreath comes to you in a wreath box. When taking the wreath out of the box be sure to fluff bow and straighten any decorations if needed.

Our products are the freshest available evergreens. In winter climates when displayed outside,    our greenery can last for months.

Christmas Tree Care Tips-

Once you’ve purchased your real Christmas tree now it’s time to set it up.

Fresh Cut-The first thing before the tree comes in the house is to give your tree a fresh cut. Any kind of saw will work and trim at least ½ inch flat off the bottom of trunk. This will open up the tree for water intake. Some tree lots provide a fresh cut which will last 6 to 8 hours. Keep the fresh cut end of the tree clean.

Display- Displaying trees in a traditional water reservoir stand is the most effective way to maintain freshness. Make sure to have a tree stand that fits the tree AND provides enough water. It should hold a quart of water for each inch of trunk diameter. Do not drill holes or trim bark.

Heat- Keep tree out of the way of heat vents. Lowering room temperature will also reduce water consumption and preserve freshness.

Water- Water is the crucial ingredient for keeping your tree fresh. The first few days after the tree is put in the stand are the most critical and the tree will take a lot of water initially. Check several times a day for the first few days and daily through the season.  

Christmas Tree Bag- We recommend using a bag which wraps the entire tree while bringing in and taking out. Haul your tree away at the end of the year mess free. We have these available in our online store and can throw one in your box.

Safety- For more tips and safety info for Christmas tree care see the National Christmas Tree Associations link. http://realchristmastrees.org/dnn/AllAboutTrees/CareTips.aspx

Recycling- We encourage recycling of your tree after the season. Find a local recycling spot on your neighborhood for drop-off. For more information on how to recycle your tree follow the NCTA’s link. http://realchristmastrees.org/dnn/AllAboutTrees/HowtoRecycle.aspx


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